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These Stories from history will boost your level of patience

Patience is the characteristic of a Momin (a true Muslim). We need a lot of patience in our daily life activities. For example, we need to be patient while offering prayers on the time, keeping fast on the hot days, sacrificing our needs and prioritizing our fellow Muslims over ourselves, etc. All these activities require a high degree of patience and we need more amount of patience when we are on trial. Allah puts us on the trial to make us stronger than before, increase our virtues and strengthen our bond with him. Allah says in Quran:

Indeed, The God (Allah) is with the people who have patience”.

We always talk about the rewards of patience that Allah has promised us but at the same time ignore discussing those heroes of Islam that became the example of patience. In this blog, I shall discuss some of those heroes of our religion.

Whenever we talk about any extreme in the positive virtues, we find Holy Prophet (PBUH) up to the unachievable level and that’s true. Similarly, he is a role model for us in practicing patience as well. How the life of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a well of an example of patience in various stages? You can read it here.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) lost all his children in his life except Hazrat Fatima (R.A) who passed away just after six months after the death of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). He lost his two dearest uncles: Hazrat Abu Talib (caretaker of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and Hazrat Hamza (Syed ul Shuda: one of the braves men in history). He lost Hazrat Khadija (R.A) when all the Hashemites were living in the Shoe′eb Abi Talib.



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Not only did our Holy Prophet (PBUH) go through hard times in his life but also other Prophets passed the tests of their times. For example, Hazrat Yaqoob (A.S), Jacob endured the separation from his dearest child for most of his life. When his elder ten sons group stood against the younger ones, Yousaf and Binyamin. They were jealous of the love of their father towards Yousaf. They devised a plan and put Yousaf in a well. They came weeping towards their father saying a wolf preyed upon the Yousaf.

Jacob was far-sighted to see the hidden reality of the satanic plans of his sons. He wept for his son for years and then met his son, Yousaf as the king of Egypt. He became patient for his whole life. He believed in Allah Subhan WA Tallah and consoled his heart for the sake of Allah.

The third story is of another Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Musa/ Moses. He was the well-wisher of the most irritating nation ever lived on the earth. He gave the message of Allah to Bani Israel. He invited them towards worship to one God, Allah but they rejected him. They demanded food from the skies and asked Moses to show them Allah so that they can believe in that one God. Moses guided this type of nation till the last day of his life. Just imagine how difficult it is to endure the most irritating people for their whole life.

Moses also resisted the most tyrant ruler on the earth, Pharaoh who killed thousands of the children in his kingdom. He invited him towards one God but he claimed himself to be a God. Moses endured this and set an example of patience in his life.

Women also set an example of patience in history. The most notable woman is Maryam Bint Imran. She was the mother of Jesus. She gave birth to Jesus still being Virgin. It's difficult for a woman to go into the wilderness and endure the labor pain and gave birth to a child. When she came back, people accused her of adultery. But Allah declared her piousness through the speech of newborn child Jesus.

Similarly, Asiya, the wife of the Pharaoh endured the most tyrant ruler as her husband. She remained patient in her dealings for the sake of Allah. She brought up Moses (Prophet of Allah) in the house of the Pharoah. She was steadfast in her dealings and successfully brought up the blessing in the house of filth.

In short, the history of Islam is decorated with examples of heroes of patience and endurance. This blog is not enough to cover the long list of those examples and their explanation. We should take motivation from these examples to follow our religion in the true sense.




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