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Scientific Miracles of the Quran that will amaze you

As Quran is the Holy book of Muslims. Every Muslim reads Quran for guidance and to increase their knowledge of Islam. But, every single verse of the Quran is full of wisdom and several interpretations. Quran landed on the Earth almost fourteen centuries ago and Muslims are still unable to interpret it completely.

 Furthermore, Scientific research is now providing proof of every miracle of the Quran. Whenever scientists try to initiate any modern research, Quranic wisdom is one of the best guides for them. In this blog, I'll share with you some miracles of the Quran. How Quran provides us guidance in different areas of anatomy, physiology, cosmology, geography, etc. Quran provided these miracles centuries ago and scientists started to study it now.

Part of the brain responsible for lying and sins:

In the past, people believed that the front part of the head is responsible for sight and vision. On the other hand, the study of the Quran made us clear that the front part of the head is responsible for sins and lying. Let's see how Quran provided us with this knowledge.

Quranic Evidence:

In the Holy Quran, chapter 96 (Surah Alaq) verse 16, Quran says:

According to this verse, the frontal part of the brain is responsible for bits of intelligence. It means the front part of the head is involved in creating lies and sins.

Scientific evidence:

The anatomical study of the human brain makes us clear that the frontal cortex is involved in creativity and intelligence. According to the book "Essentials of anatomy and physiology”, the frontal part of the cerebrum carries all the functions of creating movements, creation, and motivation.


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Creation of man from congealed blood: 

The scientific study of the embryo and human development tells us that a human being is formed from the congealed mass of blood. Let's study how Quran and Science agree on this very idea:

Quranic Evidence:

Holy Quran reveals this miracle in those first few verses that were revealed to Holy Prophet (PBUH) in the cave. Quran explains this miracle in the following words:

It's evident from the above-mentioned verses that the Holy Quran explained this phenomenon before embryology.

Scientific Evidence: 

Progress in the study of embryos tells us that an embryo is a clinging substance. Dr. Keith Moore is a famous embryologist. He answered more than eighty questions about the development of an embryo with the help of the Quran. His masterpiece "The Developing Human "finds a good coincidence with the verses of the Quran.

Presence of a protective layer in the atmosphere: 

Today, everyone knows about the presence of ozone in our atmosphere which protects us from harmful radiation and meteoroids, etc. But Quran told us about this protective layer many centuries ago. Therefore, let us see Quranic guidance.

Quranic evidence: 

Quran provided us with details of this protective shield in these words:

Apart from this, in many other chapters, it is stated:

It is clear from the above verses that Almighty Allah has protected us in several ways. One of them is with the help of this protective layer in the sky.

Scientific evidence: 

One of the branches of Science, Meteorology, provides us the evidence about ozone. Ozone is a layer in which oxygen is a greater constituent. It protects the life on Earth from harmful rays and matter from the area above this layer.


If you want to learn about more miracles of the Quran, you should read Quran in depth. If you are interested to study Quran in a new way, you must check here. It will surprise you.  

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