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Importance of Zikr in life of a Muslim :

Allah created us and provided this vast universe. He created man and then made him superior to every other creature. He blessed us with countless blessings. He provided us with body, mind, and heart and even a single body organ study reveals how wise our Creator is. In response to this never-ending list of blessings, we have to remember our Creator. This remembrance of Allah in your heart is called Zikr.

In the previous article, I discussed how to develop a strong bond with Allah. Remembrance was one of the most focused subjects in the discussion. Now, I will discuss how Quran and Sunnah define this remembrance and how Muslims should remember Allah.

In Arabic, Zikr means to remember Allah in your heart. These words can expose the whole idea. In simple words, whenever you remember Allah in your heart, it means that you did Zikr. But there are numerous ways to do Zikr. Sometimes, it is aloud and sometimes silent.

How can you remember Him in your heart? First of all, there are a few situations in which you remember Allah, it means you did Zikr. For instance, if someone provokes you to Sin in one way or another, you stop yourself from that Sin by remembering that Allah has prohibited this for me. This type of remembrance is Zikr. What I have explained above is the true meaning of Zikr. But it sounds non-practical because everyone has their way of remembering Allah. Quran and Sunnah gave us a few methods through which we can remember Allah and gain all the benefits of Zikr. Keep in mind that remembrance in the heart is Zikr and recitation of Zikrs at specific time or number is a method to do Zikr.


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If we take an overview of all the worship methods in Islam, we can observe that every Ibadah is a method of Zikr. Even Salah, keeping fast, giving Zakat, Azan, Takbir, etc. These are a few methods to remember Allah in your heart.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) told Hazrat Fatima to recite Alhamdulillah, Subhan Allah, and Allah ho Akbar after performing the daily chores of her life. This is a method to remember Allah. There are many other verses and prayers that you can read at different times to connect and remember Allah. You can take this recitation of verses as an opportunity to remember Allah.

One of the biggest Dhikrs is Holy Quran. Why is it the best Zikr? It is the best Zikr because Scholars take most of Zikrs from the Holy book of Allah. It is the word of God. He has sent this to us. Then, Is it not better to remember him by His words?

Dear brothers and sisters, we are away from our religion. We are not connected to religion as we should be. May Almighty Allah help us to connect with Him and to do more and more Zikr.



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