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How does technology help us in learning Quran?

Islam is the second biggest religion in the World, Muslims are the second biggest community on Earth. Quran is the holy book of Muslims. Billions of people read and learn the words of Allah. Technology has influenced Quran education, learning, and understanding. In addition to this, technology helped the whole Muslim e Ummah to learn and share their knowledge of the Quran, Sunnah, and Fiqah.

It was difficult for Muslims in the past to send their children to Mosques in Muslim minority counties. There are fewer mosques in those regions and might be far away from the residence of the Muslim community. Technology resolved this issue of Muslims settled in non-Muslim countries. It’s almost one decade that technology started helping our Quran learning process.

It started when both scholar and student got access to the technology. Nowadays, many online academies are available where scholars teach children while sitting millions of miles faraway from their students.  Scholars and students use much-advanced software to shrink the distance. It has many advantages. i.e., teacher and student both are visible to each other. The screen sharing option is available through which the teacher can share lecture content with the students. The teacher can observe all the actions of the students while teaching. He can praise the student for his improvement or correct his mistakes on the spot.

Skype is one of the most commonly used software for Quran learning. But theQuranEducation also utilizes zoom and google meet and other platforms for the sake of the comfort of the student. It is because the ease of the student comes first.

Not only this, technology has revolutionized the Quran learning process through several apps. There are hundreds of Quranic apps available free of cost. These Quran apps have features that distinguish one from another. Students can learn from these apps according to their level of understanding and previous knowledge.

Besides this, there are many apps about Arabic learning which teach you Arabic from basic to advance. These apps are more helpful for those who occupy the status of second language learners of Arabic. Likewise, technology provided us with many websites, apps, and blogs that help us to understand Quran, Arabic, Tafsir, Tajweed, and much more. Online Hafiz classes are also available from which one can memorize the holy book of Allah.


learn Quran online


Many Tafsir are available online in almost all the languages of the World. Tajwid courses are also available to learn how to pronounce Quran in the best way. Hafiz classes and Qi rat classes are also available online. Hence, we can say that one can master the Quran and its aspects through online learning platforms.

These advantages that technology provided us are praiseworthy. But this digitalization process has some disadvantages as well that you can read here. Furthermore, we have many platforms where we can read new researches and works about different areas of Islam. Consequently, this will increase deep knowledge of the whole Muslim e Ummah.

In the past, if one scholar completed a new book about Tafsir or another topic, it would take years to reach the second part of the World. But technology helped us to understand Quran and its new miracles by connecting the whole Muslim e Ummah. For instance, Tafsir of Ibn al Khatir is available online. Muslims who Understand English are taking advantage of it regardless of their mother tongue or national language.

Muslims are now taking advantage of all the benefits of online learning and helping their children to learn Quran via online platforms. We can hope that technology improvement will cause improvement in online education. As a result, there will be an improvement in learning Quran, Sunnah, and Islamic principles.   



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