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How to understand Quran even if Arabic is not your language?

Islam and Quran are not for a single group of people. It is a universal Holy book preserved for centuries. We believe that Allah safeguarded it till the day of Qayamat. The language of the Quran is the Arabic language. There is no doubt that the best way to understand Quran is to learn Arabic. It is the language in which Allah revealed this book. Statistics show that only twenty percent of Muslims are Arabs or the people that understand the Arabic language. Now, what about the remaining 80 percent of Muslims who do not know Arabic as a language. There is a need to understand the word of Allah because the purpose of its revelation is reading, interpretation, and then practice. Then, how to understand Quran even if Arabic is not your language?

Quran has a magnificent language. The best way to understand Quran is to understand the Arabic language.

 It is not difficult to learn a language. Technology and modern research about learning a language can help us in this regard. Many apps, websites, YouTube videos, etc. can help us to understand Arabic. The first method is to take help from an interpreter. This interpreter or scholar will help you understand the Arabic text of the Holy Quran. He might be physically present or online; his guidance will help you. But, if by all means, you cannot learn Arabic, you should go for translation. Which translation version should you select?


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Most people know one or two languages, their mother tongue or a national or international language. The quranic translation is available in almost all the major languages of the World. You can get the translation in your mother tongue or choose translation in the second language that you consider yourself fluent and communicative.

Read the translation and understand the word of Allah. Although, there is no perfect translation because every translation is the work of a human being. On the other hand, the Arabic version is the word of Allah. But, reading an only translation is not sufficient.

Quran is the most authentic source of guidance for Muslims. It has many miracles hidden in it. So, if you are not reading Quran in Arabic, you should utilize secondary ways of learning to illuminate your mind. What are those secondary ways of learning? Secondary ways of learning are Sunnah and Seerah of Holy Prophet (PBUH) and especially  Tafsir. Tafsir is the interpretation of the Quran. It’s better to understand Tafsir than interpret a translated version. Tafsir is also available in most of the languages of the World. As you selected this blog which is in English, it shows that you know English then read Tafsir in English. One of the most recommended Tafsir in the English language is Tafsir of Ibn e Kathir. Similarly, you can read the compilation of the Hadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) to get a practical explanation of the statements of the holy Quran.

Ask Allah for help in understanding Quran in its true essence. I am sure if you ask him for help to understand his words, he will help you. In addition to this, these methods and your struggle for learning Quran will surely help you. As a result, you will follow the commands of Allah and become a better Muslim than yesterday. 



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