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How to learn Quran as a beginner?


Quran is the holy book of Muslims and every Muslim needs to understand the Quran to understand the teachings of his religion. If you are a Muslim and want to learn Quran, the following details will provide you with complete guidance from basic to advance and for kids.

Start from Norani Qaida: 

If you are a beginner, you should select Norani Qaida to understand the basics of Arabic. Norani Qaida helps to learn sounds, words, short phrases, etc. Norani Qaida is one of the most common books that parents use as a starting guide for teaching the Quran to their children. It helps the learner recognize symbols and produce respective sounds.

Learn Reading of the Quran:

After completion of Noorani Qaida, the learner can read words and phrases in Arabic. The next step is to read lines. With the help of previous knowledge and guidance, the learner should learn how to read verses of the Holy Quran. By connecting words and phrases, you will be able to read verses and texts of the Quran.

Select your favorite Verse and chapter: 

When you are reading something, your mind plays an active role and uses previous knowledge to understand it better. Similarly, when you start learning the Holy book, you find some of the chapters or verses easier than others. You should read those chapters or verses, again and again, to be more familiar with Quranic knowledge. Some verses and chapters are more important due to themes and people repeat them many times. This helps you to understand and repeat them more.


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Practice, practice, and practice:

There is no other principle of learning that works for learning a text in a second language other than practice. As a wise man said, “practice makes a man perfect”. Similarly, you can perfect your Quranic learning through practice. Reading, again and again, sharpens your mind and increases your ability to learn.

Read what you find easy: 

Everyone has a different mindset and finds something difficult or easy accordingly. You should select those verses and chapters that you find easier and repeat them as many times as possible. It has two advantages. Firstly, it gives you the confidence that you have learned and mastered more. Secondly, it motivates you to read more and as a result, your progress and stamina are increased. This also works for children to learn easy Quranic chapters and verses.

Learn fundamentals: 

If someone is learning Quran reading, he must be familiar with the fundamentals of the Arabic language. The most important fundamentals are waqf, Sajjdah, elongation, how to perform Sajdah, where to stop a verse and how to start a new one, where you should catch the breath, etc. Learning these fundamentals is important to increase the fluency and confidence of the learner.

Revise what you have read: 

No one can remember knowledge if it is not practiced and revised. You should revise your previous learning of the Quran by daily or weekly revision This connects your previous knowledge and new learning. In this way, connectivity is increased and the brain is sharpened more in this type of learning.

Select your Qiraat : 

Everyone is blessed with a different and beautiful voice. There, you should have sound knowledge of Qiraat. Qiraat is a basic style of recitation. There are ten different styles of recitation and you should select one. The selection of Qiraat is completely a matter of your own choice. After selection of your recitation style, practice it more and more to get good commands on your Qiraat.

Learn Tajweed :

When you have passed all the mentioned steps, it is time to learn Tajweed. It is not compulsory but if you want to go one step forward in learning the Quran, you should go for Tajweed learning. Tajweed is the application of all the rules of recitation. It helps you to learn how to pronounce each alphabet and word of the Quran.

Hifz (Memorization of Quran) is a beautiful stage: 

After completion of all steps, the learner can go for Hifz. It is not compulsory in Islam to memorize the whole book but it has a lot of reward in the religion that Almighty Allah promised. Therefore, many people go for Hifz. It is the most beautiful stage of the Quran learning.

 Is it necessary to learn the Quran from a teacher? 

If you are a beginner then it will be useful to get help from a teacher. The teacher will point out all the mistakes in your pronunciation and structure. This will help you to avoid those mistakes in the next reading. For kids, it is better to hire a teacher, or mother and father can also play the role of teacher to help their child.

How Arabic learning helps you to understand Quran: 

More than 80 % of Muslims do not understand Arabic. If you want to learn the Quran in a full-fledged manner it is better to learn the Arabic language. It is not difficult to learn Arabic as a second language. Many people are bilingual and many more are learning other languages through short courses to meet different needs. Similarly, you can learn Arabic as a second language. It will be easier to understand the Quran by mastering its language. It has many advantages. Firstly, there is no need to read a translation. Secondly, you can understand the teachings of the Quran in an organized manner. Thirdly, you can understand the Arabic language which is the national language of many countries.

How technology helps you in learning the Quran? 

In this modern era, it is much easier to learn the Quran and Arabic. Many apps help you learn basics, fundamentals, sounds, pronunciation, Tajweed, Qiraat, verses, chapters, etc. In a nutshell, the whole guidance of the Quran is available online.

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