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Quran Reading


Quran Reading Courses

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Learning to recite the Quran is a lengthy process that might take years to complete. It all relies on the learner's purpose a..

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What learn
  • First of all, you will learn the correct pronunciation of basic Arabic words
  • You will learn to recite Quran with pronunciation in fluency
  • With more and more practice, you will be learned to recite the Quran
  • You will know and understand those seven styles of reciting that the Quran was revealed
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Noorani Qaida is a fundamental course for Quran learning.

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What learn
  • 1. After completing this course you will be able to identify all shapes of Arabic letters and their sounds
  • 2. You will learn how to pronounce Arabic letters from different articulatory organs called "Makharij"
  • 3. In the recitation of the Quran, letters are pronounced differently so after completing this course, you will be able...
  • 4. Every Quran letter have different pronunciation inshallah after completing this course you will be able to learn to d...
  • After completing this course you will know about basic knowledge of Islam like Aqaaid about Allah, Pillars of Islam, fiv...